Gerlach Residence - Ardsley Park
Restoration & Rehabilitation

This project combined energy efficiency and refinishing in every room in the house. We removed the popcorn ceilings with a combination of scraping, retaping and skimming, leaving a smooth finish. We repainted all the rooms and refinished the beautiful maple floors. Energy efficiency was another goal of this project; we insulated the floors and the attic with a spray foam. Before the foam was installed the joists and rafters were treated with borates to reduce the chance of termite or wood boring beetle damage in the future.

Heyman Residence - Coffee Bluff
Under Construction

The goal for this project is to transform a two-car garage into a bedroom and bathroom that are fully handicapped accessible. The project challenge is to make this renovation of the house look like it has always been part of the main house. A key element in accomplishing this goal is matching the existing bricks and mortar to newly added brickwork. Other materials, such as flooring, have also been matched to the orginal house as much as possible.The design is by Architect Scott Corkern, who integrated a ramp as well as a fully accessible bathroom into the design.

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