Kehoe Foundry
Masonry Restoration

The Kehoe Foundry was a key part of Savannah's development as an industrial hub in the nineteenth century. The earliest of this collection of buildings dates to the mid-1800s. As with other buildings of this age, the mortar was begining to fail and with it arches were begining to sag and collapse.

This building is in the process of getting a full repointing and grouting.We are also repairing or rebuilding many of the brick arches. We matched the mortar, carefully using sand brought from Tennessee to give the mortar its original light brown color and grainy texture.

City of Savannah, Factor's Walk
Masonry Restoration

South Viaduct
Masonry Restoration, Soil Remediation & Repointing

The South Viaduct is a Central of Georgia Railroad bridge that dates to the 1850's. The bridge remained largely intact until modern times when trucks carrying containers began traveling under it. The trucks gouged a vee out of two of the arches almost the entire width of the bridge.

Gary Thorne was the site superintendent of this project and he directed all of the masonry repairs for the Coastal Heritage Society. Together with the project manager he designed the curved forms needed to support the brickwork while it cured. A lime mortar and large amounts of lime grout filled the many cracks found in the structure. Stainless steel tie back paddles were installed to help restrain the face of the bricks. The project included removing contaminated soil, repointing, and grafitti removal along with major repairs to the underside of the arches.

Old Fort Jackson
New Construction in Historic Contexts

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